The majority of our shipping fee is free shipping but if it requires additional charges then we will notify the customer in advance.

Our order processing and fulfillment may take between 1-5 business days or more. Many customers have been asking to have different shipping speeds and the IW team is working to make it more convenient for our customers. That being said, we are working now with the following shipping delivery speed and once everything is set up then we will announce it. 

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  1. Standard (Shipping between 5-8 Business Days) 
  2. Ground (Shipping between 3-5 Business Days)
  3. Two Days (Shipping within 1-2 Business Days)
  4. Overnight (Shipping within *SAME Business Day)

* If the product is available otherwise, it will not be processed within the same or next business day. 

Shipping & Delivery Window: it’s the time once IW customer service received the order from the website until the order was delivered to the customer. This includes the handling and shipping process and it may take from 5 business days up to 14 business days depending on the product availability.